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Do you wish to think like a genius? Ways to achieve that

Every one of us would like to have a well functioning brain. It is our brain that is responsible for a number of functions that is needed to keep the body functioning well. It is the brain of the person that is responsible for function likes memory, concentration etc. therefore everyone wishes t…

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5 ways to master the art of productivity at work

Is the work pile is making it difficult to take out me time? I know at times the work just does not get over. It keeps more and more with time. So by the end of the week, you must be struggling with meeting up with the deadlines. Now working all through the day is nothing any of us desire. At th…

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Are brain steroids really for you?

The functioning of the brain is one of the most important factors that control all the body functions of the person. The cognition of a person is responsible for maintaining a number of functions of the brain such as the memory, concentration, ability to think and process information, etc. not e…

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Having a hard time paying attention? Here what you should do

Paying attention to anything that you do is very important. The best way to learn things is by looking around and observing everything that you see very carefully. Almost every job that you will ever come across will need the best of you, which will call for a lot of attention and dedication. Wh…

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All you need to know about Modafinil smart drug in 2019

There was a time when the thought of improving the brain functioning of a person with just a pill sound a little impossible, something that came straight out of the friction. But this was made possible as science developed. Over the years real-world researches and the drug developers have develo…

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Want an upper hand over your coworker? Here is a solution

The office is one place where we spend most of our time in a day. Whether we like it or not but we do have to spend 8 to 9 hours of life every day in that closed space that we call the office. Now the life inside the office can be really hectic. Now we are all trying to meet our goals and inspir…

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Is it really possible to increase your IQ in 7 days?

It does sound interesting! Doesn’t it? Now, who among us would not like to have an improved and enhanced brain functioning? The better our brain functions the better we are able to do our day to day activities. The IQ of the person plays a very vital role in how a person tackles any situation. T…

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5 steps to remain active and productive at work

Work life can be really hectic at times. Sitting in the same place all day long can also be tiring. and it can be difficult to remain active at times. Now we are all aware of the feeling of sleepiness in the office. Such a condition can affect the productivity of the person. Also sitting for too…

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