Is it really possible to increase your IQ in 7 days?

It does sound interesting! Doesn’t it? Now, who among us would not like to have an improved and enhanced brain functioning? The better our brain functions the better we are able to do our day to day activities. The IQ of the person plays a very vital role in how a person tackles any situation. The understanding of the situation and figuring out what would be the right way to solve any issue is very much based on the cognition of the person. The cognition of a person is also responsible for deciding the IQ of the person. In average, a normal person has an IQ of 90 to 120. Any person with an IQ greater than 120 is considered to be sharp. If you too are wishing to gets a better IQ and brain functioning than this is blog will help you with the same. So let us look at ways that are proven to help people have a better IQ and cognition.

What are the ways that can help you get a better IQ?

So here are a few ways that will help you improve and have a better IQ. Following them for a few days will make a vast difference in how to work and function on a regular basis.

•    Meditate- the key to having a better IQ is to able to concentrate on things better. And what can be more beneficial than meditation? In this process, all you have to do is close your eyes and focus on a single thing. Maybe you can imagine a light and put all your focus on that light. With time the brain will be more trained and you will be work better with your brain. Thus for a better IQ meditation is the first key.

•    Solving puzzles- the more you use your brain, the more will it be its performance. Thus constantly working the brain is the way to get better IQ. so the best form of brain exercise is solving puzzles, Sudoku, scrabbles, etc. this game keeps challenging the ability of the brain thus helping it to become faster. This, therefore, results in giving the person a better IQ.

•    Smart drugs- now the Nootropic action of the smart drugs are very effective in improving the cognition of the person. The intake of a smart drug such as Provigil smart drugs can enhance the functioning of the brain thus helping them enhance the memory, concentration, and creativity of the person. Also, the ability of the person to process any kind of information is improved with the use of Provigil smart drug. This is therefore very effective in helping the person get a better IQ.

•    Basic exercise- as we all are aware of the brain is the key organ that is very important in maintaining the proper body function. So for the brain to able to function well it is very important for the right amount o blood to reach the brain. This flow of blood from the body to the brain can be improved by doing a few basic exercises every day thus helping you get a better IQ.  

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