Want an upper hand over your coworker? Here is a solution

The office is one place where we spend most of our time in a day. Whether we like it or not but we do have to spend 8 to 9 hours of life every day in that closed space that we call the office. Now the life inside the office can be really hectic. Now we are all trying to meet our goals and inspiration. So are other people in your office. Therefore you must be wondering of doing things that will help you get an upper hand over the others. So today let us have a look at ways that will help you achieve all your dreams and also help you become more productive. This will, therefore, help you become different from the other people at your workplace.

How to become more productive at the office?

Before we get into anything, it is very important for you to know that you should not be too hard on yourself. I understand that reaching that goal of yours is important but this doesn’t mean that all you will have to do is work. Smart work is key. This allows you to do things that are really important and do it in a smart way. This not just saves time but also helps in productivity. So here are ways that will help with productivity at the office-

•    By checking your emails in the afternoon will help you save time in the morning thus helping you enhances your productivity.

•    If you have something important to complete than doing it that moment is important. And immediate actions fuels up a positive response to the brain. Thus encouraging you to do more and therefore help you with productivity at work.

•    Putting your phone away is one of the best ways to become productive at the office. Now we all know the phone can be the biggest distraction while working. Therefore the best way to avoid this is by keeping your phone away from your reach thus improving your productivity.

•    Make your workspace clutter free- a clutter-free environment will help become more creative. It also helps you become more creative and think better. Therefore it is best to keep your things organized at your workplace.

•    Focusing on one thing at a time- it is often said that multitasking can be detrimental to productivity at your workplace. It is not new for any of us and we all have tried to do a number of things together at a time. It is usually said that multitasking can lower the IQ of the person thus reduces the performance of the brain. So the best to increase your productivity at the office is doing one thing at a time. This may sound like it will slow up your working process but it really won't. In fact, it will make the work you do better.

The use of smart drugs

They are Nootropic in action thus helping the person with improving their brain functioning. The smart drug that is recommended to all people is Armodafinil smart drugs that acts on the hypothalamus region of the brain. This, therefore, helps in enhancing the productivity of the person.

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